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Axon Vibe develops Technology to understand Context in a World powered by Data

Our Client, Axon Vibe's unique contextual platform leverages mobile sensor data and location analytics to understand and predict human behavior and to deliver the right offer and message at the right time while maintaining user's privacy.
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Octet Express - A B2B Trade Payment Service Provider seeking Equity Financing

Octet Express, a B2B trade payment service provider in Turkey is seeking equity financing of USD 5M for conversion into Finance Company. 
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GoAfrica - A Global B2B Platform seeking funds

GoAfrica Holdings Pte Ltd., with its newly launched B2B online marketplace, aims to provide a global platform to connect African buyers and suppliers to the rest of the world, with a focus on Asian-African trade.. 
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The Gateway to AI in Medical Diagnosis - Seeking funds for market expansion

Smart Reporting, founded 2014 in Germany, is revolutionizing health care diagnosis and health care reporting through artificial intelligence. They are seeking funds for market expansion  – EUR 6mio. Their mission is pioneering AI assistance in medical diagnosis via structured data. Superb Team led by Prof. Dr. Wieland Sommer (LMU) EUR 20mio B-round planned in 2019 in the US at > EUR 100 pre-money.
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